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Worship Arts Ministry (WAM)

We believe the music team to be a vital part of the ministry in this body of believers. Our vision is to create a passionate atmosphere of worship that invites every person to participate and enter the presence of God. We exist to serve God, the pastor, and the church. We desire to incorporate all forms and expressions of worship, through music, art, dance, sound, media and other avenues of creative expressions. The Worship Arts Ministry (WAM) serves in weekly services, home groups, outreaches, 24 hours praise & worship, and as musicianaries in the nations of the world. WAM is comprised of singers, musicians, artists, dancers, and sound & computer techs.


WAM is available for anyone who has a heart for playing an instrument, singing, or other ways of expressing worship to our awesome God.
We offer training and equipping, both musically and more importantly spiritually, for individuals who want to offer their talents and desires
through worship. We aim not just to grow as musicians, but to grow in our relationship with the One whom we worship. Together, we learn
the importance of worship as a lifestyle, amplifying our passion beyond songs, and ultimately giving all the glory and honor back to God.


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